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The IT Factory is designed specifically to help development teams focus on delivering those things which deliver the maximum value back to the organization, helping to better align your development efforts with your overall strategic goals.

  Forecast dates with little to no effort and view them from either a product or a strategic item view

  Calculate the overall valuation of the anticipated work

  Overall completion based upon completed cards

  Alignment with strategic value, allowing you to focus first on the simplest, highest value items

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  • Effortless Date Forecasting How much time do you spend forecasting dates today?

    See your product roadmaps and forecasted completion dates based upon real-time data. You enter your team size, cycle time, estimated and completed card counts and dates are forecasted based upon the value provided to the organization.

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  • Feature Level Progress Easily view the amount of work remaining

    Quickly see the progress of all feature sets in a product, helping Product Owners and Product Management groups see what a team is focusing on. By mapping Feature Sets to strategic items, you can also see your overall progress towards deliverying each goal.

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  • Strategic Value Grids Maximize value delivery

    Easily see what products and features deliver the most value with the least effort, allowing teams to focus on these items first and speed up the delivery of value.

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  • Product Valuation Maximize value delivery

    Valuation is calculated using the Weighted Average Cost of Capital method, taking into account the value of doing nothing.

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  • Strategic View How well are your teams aligned to deliver value?

    The Strategic View provides a comprehensive look at how value is being delivered across all teams. Including:

             View forecast dates across all products related to the strategic item

             View of the overall progress across all teams of delivering on the goal

             View the progress of each feature set which delivers on the goal

             Alignment of each product delivery effort which delivers on the goal, allowing you to focus first on the simplest, highest value items

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