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On-Demand Consulting Coaching when you need it

Our consulting practice is geared towards giving you a low cost option to help you on your agile journey. Our process is designed so that together we layout a roadmap for your transformation then help you evolve goal-by-goal.

At The IT Factory, we do not believe in one-size-fits-all text book approaches. Our focus is on helping your organization doing anything it takes to maximize the delivery of value back to your ogranization and customers.

What you won't find at The IT Factory are consultants who came through a certification mill and are great at taking 36 question open book tests with no experience maximizing the delivery of value. You also won't find agile games in The IT Factory - afterall this isn't kindergarden.

Free Initial Consultation

Making sure we're a fit

Prior to any engagement, we'll spend a few hours with your team to make sure our flavor of agility is a fit for your organization.

Roadmap Consultation

Laying out the journey

After we make sure we're a fit for each other, then we sit down with your team for a weeks and learn your organization. Based upon your organization and objectives, we then work with your team to define what you want your environment to look like and how to get there.

On-Demand Support

Help when you need it

Unlike other organizations that take an intrusive role in your organization, we get out of your way and let your teams evolve naturally. Our On-Demand service then provides support as you need it for any part of your journey. Maybe it's as simple as observing a stanup. Or helping teams focus on value delivery. All the while helping you to constantly reasses your roadmap and make modification as needed.